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Dear friends!

We are super excited to expand our festival to five days this year! We will be adding morning classes and have more time for jamming, labbing and researching.

We have wonderful diverse and exuberant teachers, a fantastic team of performers and a newly launched performance project by Thomas Mettler which will be premiering its first performances at the festival.

Come join us for the unbelievable 5th!! edition of the Contact Festival Austria in the relaxing and nourishing Landhhotel Yspertal.

Hugs around the world,

Sabin and Team


Vienna, 23.10.2016 

Yspertal, 30.10.2016  

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The video below shows moments from the Contact Festival Austria no. 4 in October 2015 (Video by Krisztina Kerekes, sound Alessio Castellacci, Christina Clar, Nathan and Mina Fuhr)

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